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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today I went to visit my grandma..and her closet. 
Although most of the time the pieces in her closet are dated in the wrong way
you never know what you can find if you keep an open mind and style creatively. 

I found the purse & cerulean blue blouse hidden in the way back of her enormous wardrobe.
Let me just make it clear that the blouse does have shoulder pads in them…yes I too never
thought I'd see the day when I would wear shoulder pads. On the bright side they are very 
thin and basically just give the relaxed top more structure. 

The quality in older items can't be beat like the leather purse and soft silk top; vintage 
shopping doesn't always have to be done at a store. And making the vintage pieces relevant 
is as easy as pairing them with my graphic polka dot skirt and leather booties.

vintage Ann Klein blouse [similar] - thrifted jewel collar - Matty M skirt [nordstrom] -
vintage Ganson purse [similar]  - Carlos Santana bootie heels [neat ones]
-stacked silver bangles [Lucky, F21, vintage chain] 

photos by:kayla perri 

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