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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's has been a while, I know, but what better way to start off then with a DIY for summer. I found a pair of clean white heels at my local thrift store and had to buy them when the lady told me they were on sale for 75 cents not to mention that they are perfectly white satin, a leather bottom, and look like they have never been worn. Needless to say that was months ago and with college taking up most my time I just threw them up in my closet for a project later. 

After wanting the Valentino Rockstuds [$945] for months and then recently seeing the Spring 2013 Miu Miu [$895] shoes that showed up at Neiman Marcus I finally pulled out my 75 cent satin heels, went to the craft store to buy studs, and began the redo. 

First of you'll need a pair of satin or if you can't find satin at least try to get strappy heels. I was a bit lucky in a finding such a clean white pair, i keeping thinking they might have been some brides. But like I said the important part is that they are lower heel, lots of straps, and a pointed toe. 
Next you'll need to gather some supplies:

-4 Prong Triangle Pyramid Studs [about 50]
-E6000 glue [if you want to reinforce some studs or to fully attach them if you could only find flat back studs]
-A pair of shoes
-Butter knife to push studs in & secure them

[overall I only spent about $5 and I hardly used the E6000 because I was 
able to attach them with just the prongs on the studs, pretty good deal if you ask me]
After you have your supplies in hand I advise starting on one strap at the end of it and continuing on till the other side of the strap so the spacing doesn't get out of proportion. From here it is simply really, just poke the stud through [or glue] and secure the prongs on the interior of the shoe so that it doesn't poke you. I eyeballed my spacing but when looking back I left about one studs space in-between each with a little room to spare. 
For anyone that has studded before this process doesn't need much explaining and even if you haven't it is pretty easy!
Don't worry if the leather/fabric on the inside of the shoe looks bunched up after pushing the prongs in [above], it will only show on the interior and not affect the look of the shoe.
 After finishing the straps I chose to go on and add some to the toe to resemble the Valentino pair I was looking to for inspiration. Although the shoes would look great if you just wanted to do the straps, I found it was a lot more difficult to push the studs through the toe portion. 
The finished product! I like them a lot and although they are not identical to either of the inspiration shoes I like to think it's like the two brands did a collaboration or had a baby haha. 

Keep an eye out for when I start posting styled looks again and what I pair my new shoes with! 

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