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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Snapshots: Sweet Treats

 Dry Soda: this stuff is amazing in any flavor but my personal
favorite is the lavender. You can see the different 
flavors & find where to buy it here.

 Fair Scones: these delicious little pieces of heaven
come around once a year & I always make sure I 
go down to the local fair and get a bakers dozen with jam.
You can purchase the same exact mix here and make
them at home!

Sparkling water w/ Lemons: is such an easy 
substitute for sugary pop. Just two bottles of
Perrier [here] and one sliced up lemon in a big
pitcher and you have a refreshing drink.

Whole Grain Bread with Raspberry Jam & Sharp
 Cheddar Cheese: although a lot of people would 
think it's gross, I say don't knock it till you try it. 
My mom's side of the family is Canadian and this 
is typical yummy morning treat there. 
The sweet & salty is a perfect combo.

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