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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Anything outlandish, lavish, and very ornate that is
the meaning of the style Baroque originally started 
around the 1600s in Rome through architecture & 
art from people like Caravaggio, Bernini, and Guarini.
Baroque has made its way back into fashion
this time [for example D&G's fall 2012 line here]
Trying to make this style an everyday look may 
prove to be challenging because its whole purpose
is to be over the top. I decided to pair this delicate
gold and black structured cardigan over a sheer dress
to still get the print needed but keep it minimal. 
Lastly I layered on some cloisonné vintage bracelets and
a blue floral clutch to mix patters. 

Now I'm back to packing for school, moving is no small job thats for sure!
ASOS sunnies [here] - Frenchi cardigan [neat one
F21 sheer dress - Urban Outfitters clutch [similar] - vintage bracelets [here]
vintage Russian penny necklace [similar] & jade necklace - H&M jewel ring 
 black flats [neat ones]

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